We are pleased to introduce Seapro Engineering services LLC being authorized representatives of ‘Peiner Smag’ Grabs appointed from 1stDecember 2017. SMAG entrusted ‘Seapro’ with service and sale of Grabs and related accessories in United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman. We shall be responsible for Sales, Service, assembly, installation and commission of Peiner Smag- Grabs in this region. We have a team of manufacturer trained Engineer and technicians stationed at UAE for prompt services to our customers.

Repair Facility
Seapro Technical Services
P.O Box- 13685, Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Peiner Smag products handled by us in this region
PEINER Motor Dual Scoop Grabs (MZG/MZGL)
PEINER Radio Controlled Single Rope Grabs (EGF)
PEINER Four Rope Dual Scoop Grabs (VSG)
PEINER Scissor Grabs (SCG)
PEINER Hydraulic Clamshell Grabs for Civil Engineering Road Works and handling Bulk
PEINER Motor Orange Peel Grabs (MMG/MMGL)
PEINER Motor Rectangular Grabs (MMRG)
PEINER Four Rope and Hydraulic Orange Peel Grabs (VMG/HMG)
PEINER Hydraulic and Motor Timber Grabs (HHG/MHG,MBG,MBGS)
PEINER Slewing Units and PEINER Special grabs for special applications


  • PEINER SMAG focuses on bioenergy. Biomass has quickly become a global business due to a worldwide interest in modern energy. PEINER SMAG Lifting Technologies GmbH (PEINER SMAG) is already well prepared for this greater demand in renewable energy sources. The leading manufacturer of lifting equipment offers individual solutions for the handling of biomass by providing the right grab for almost all lifting devices. All of the PEINER SMAG grabs have been designed with sustainable and ecological construction. The company has recently implemented an integrated management system (IMS) which combines the individual areas of quality, environment, protection of employment and energy into one grab unit. This new system was successfully certified by TÜV Süd in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and OHAS 18001.
  • The technical and economical growth potential of renewable energy for the production of power, heat and fuels is substantial, with biomass covering over 10% of the world’s energy demand. The transshipment of biomass volume in ports and terminals, waste-to-energy plants, timber mills and co-generation plants is ever increasing. Apart from agricultural goods such as corn, sugar cane, canola and other food crops, biomass products such as timber, bark, saw mill waste, wood chips and pellets are handled. In addition, organic waste from household rubbish and residual products from the food industry also play an important role in the handling of biomass.